Your tourism course at school may include just a few tourism unit standards or you may want students to gain the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 2 qualification. If you want to offer the qualification you have to either use the New Zealand School of Tourism approved programme (see below) or develop your own programme and submit it to NZQA for approval prior to use.

If you currently hold accreditation to deliver tourism unit standards this is not the same thing as having an approved programme, and you will still need to develop a programme if you want to award students with the qualification.

The programme you develop and send to NZQA must meet the following Graduate Profiles.

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 Graduate Profiles

If you are wanting to offer our approved programme, you can purchase fully inclusive units from us. This means you do not have to get programme approval for your school, and your students will come under our accreditation and programme approval. If you want to use our budget resource options and/or a combination of budget and fully inclusive, you need to put together a programme (or use ours) and submit it to NZQA for approval.