Fully Inclusive Option 

This option is available for both accredited and non-accredited schools.

What’s included:

• Student workbooks & assessments
• Student results notice
• Digital access to resources
• Postage (Courier fees may apply for orders under $150)

Unit Standard Results

  • New Zealand School of Tourism will provide the school with student results.
  • The school is responsible for reporting results to NZQA under NZ School of Tourisms’ provider code

Marking Assessments
New Zealand School of Tourism’s experienced trainers will MARK the assessments and participate in all moderation requirements. Students can have one free resit if required. 



 Budget Option 

The Budget Option is for schools that hold accreditation in tourism.

What’s included:

  • Student workbooks & assessments
  • Access to our Online Resource Bank (ORB) Marking Guides
  • Postage (Courier fees may apply for orders under $150)

Unit Standard Results 
Schools are responsible for completing all their marking, and reporting credits to NZQA.

Marking Assessments
If you purchase the budget option, you will mark assessments & participate in moderation. You cannot use our provider code to log NZQA results. You need to have accreditation and use your own provider code.



 Assessment Access 

You can purchase a digital assessment and marking guide for $250.00 per unit plus GST, per calendar year, if you hold accreditation for the unit standard.


 Teacher resources 

Our teacher resources include:

  • Student workbook answers
  • Additional activities
  • Helpful notes

We highly recommend you order an updated copy of our teacher resources per unit standard when required. Your National Sales Executive will inform you when you need to update your own resource. 

Teacher Resources are available for $35.00 per unit plus GST. Order 4 different units pay for 3.



E-Books are PDF versions of the student workbooks. Students access the workbooks through Moodle and the E-book allows students to highlight and type in their answers.