We offer five different Tasters for students wanting to gain credits for STAR and NCEA in Years 12 or 13. See below for more information on each STAR taster including units completed.


If you would like to book onto one of our amazing taster courses or have any questions, click here or contact your local New Zealand School of Toursim Campus.



Customer Service

2 Days 2 Credits

If you wish to build your customer servicew skills this is the taster for you. You will learn how to provide customer service and respond to complaints, plus gain some excellent customer service knowledge.


 Customer Service

3 Days 4 Credits

Communication and customer service skills are some of the most important skills you can learn in preparartion for your career, on this taster you will learn different methods of communication, how to overcome barriers and some great questioning techniques. These will be applied to a day where you learn about a range of roles in the travel and tourism industry. 


 Travel & Tourism

1 Day No Credits

Students learn about all the exciting roles in the travel and tourism industry from a tour guide, to a hotel receptionist, bungy operator, airport check-in and travel agent. This taster also forms part of the Awesome Foursome.

4 Days 3 Credits

Adding on an extra 3 days to the above, students will also complete Unit 25508 - Demonstrate Knowledge of World Travel Geography.


Awesome Foursome

1 Day / 4 Days No Credits

This action packed four day course is very hands on and includes:

Walt Disney World*

Learn about the roles available for NZST students at Walt Disney World either as part of their course or upon graduation.

Travel & Tourism*

Aimed at ensuring students can see all the career opportunities that awaits them in New Zealands largest industry - tourism.

Flight Attending*

Students get a real understanding of what this role involves and the airlines who employ flight attendants in New Zealand. 

Cruise & Hotel*

These two major areas of the industry will get students enthusiastic about how a role in the industry could take them all over the world. 

High Five - Add on an extra day...

5 Days - 3 Credits

Students will complete Unit Standard 378 - Provide Customer Service for International Visitors. 

*Can be book as an individual 1 day option.


Flight Attending

1 Day No Credits

What does the role of a flight attendant involve? What age, experience and qualifications do you need? How do airlines recruit flight attendants? All these questions and more will be answered along with giving students an understanding of a day in the life of a Flight Attendant. This taster also forms part of the Awesome Foursome. 


2 Days 2 Credits

Adding on an extra day to the above, students will also complete Unit Standard 21834 - Demonstrate Knowledge of Introductory Aviation Terminology.


4 Days 4 Credits

Adding on an extra 2 days to the above, students will also complete Unit Standard 25456 - Demonstrate Knowledge of in-flight passenger sales service, providing the students with the opportunity to gain a total of 4 credits. 


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